Drake lost $1 million Bet on the Result of the 2022 World Cup Final

Drake lost $1 million Bet on the Outcome of the 2022 World Cup Final, despite betting on the right team to win.

Despite betting on Argentina to win over France, at the World cup final between Argentina and France, Drake still lost the bet.

It was reported that the Canadian bling singer, bet in the 1×2 market, where extra time isn’t counted, and the outcome is determined based on the score after 90 minutes of play. The game got an even score of 3/3 for the teams, though France later lost 4-2 to Argentina after penalty shoot-out.

This means that despite Argentina winning against France, Drake won’t win the expected $2.75 million, if he had won the wager squarely

In an Instagram post, which has been deleted, Drake showed followers that he used Stake to bet $1 million on Argentina winning over France in the FIFA World Cup.

Don’t cry for him though, he clearly bets what he can afford to lose, and is probably used to losing by now. His constant loss on sports bets have been termed the Drake curse.

Last month, he lost a whopping $2 million bet on UFC Israel Adesanya beating Alex Pereira, and more than $200,000 in May this year, when he bet that Charles Leclerc; the formular 1 driver, will win the Spanish Grand Prix.

Like earlier stated, don’t feel sad on his behalf, profit from one single on his album sale, will sure be enough, to cover all losses.


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