PSG Neymar lost €1 million playing online Casino Games.

PSG Neymar lost €1 million playing online Casino Games.

One of the trending news in the world of gaming and football is that of Paris Saint-Germain superstar, Neymar losing €1 million while playing online casino games, from Poker to roulette.

The footballer who has been recovering from a surgery on his ankle, live streamed himself on Thursday, playing online casino games on his Twitch channel, reportedly as part of his commercial partnership with Blaze.

During the live stream, Neymar started his bet with one million euros which dwindled until it became zero within 60 minutes. In summary, the 31-year-old went from a million euros, to zero within 60 minutes.

Neymar appeared shocked at his loss and even pretended to cry, but subsequently laughed it off, after swearing.

Afterwards, he continued to exchange banters with other players and even the stream played a flute parody version of the titanic theme song.

Going by the footballer’s reaction to the loss, it’s obvious he is not losing any sleep over it.

Well just like Drake, Neymar sure can afford to lose, giving that he earns €3.6m-per-month and have numerous mouth-watering sponsorships and endorsements.

Neymar is reported to be an experienced poker player and often compete in gaming tournaments both in person and online.


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