Drake wins $2.7million as Israel Adesanya Reclaims Middleweight Title

Drake wins $2.7million as Israel Adesanya Reclaims Middleweight Title

The award-winning rapper placed two huge bets on Adesanya to beat Pereira at UFC 287 and he pocketed a massive $2.7million as Adesanya reclaimed his UFC belt.

Canadian super star Drake is in the news again, not for his music or other related activity but for his bets on sporting activity.

Drake who lost $1.6million after backing Adesanya to win in a fight with Pereira 5 months ago, just won $2.7million after Israel Adesanya knocked out Alex Pereira at UFC 287 rematch to reclaim the middleweight title.

Adesanya won back the 185lb title from Pereira, who has previously beaten him twice in kickboxing, to ensure a win for the rapper Drake who placed a $500,000 bet on him to win Pereira and a $400,000 bet for the win to be by knockout.

The $500,000 bet for a win returned $885,000 for the rapper, while the $400,000 bet for the win to be by knockout, returned a massive $1.8million.

When Adesanya “Stylebender” was asked after the fight about the bet Drake staked on him to win, he said: “Shout-out to everyone that bet on me, but you have to realise that when I step into the octagon, I put my life on the line. That’s the biggest parlay you can ever do. I’m a betting man too so shout-out to stake, we are about to make another deal and get more money.”

Drake is famous for his bets on sporting activity especially for UFC, both the losses and the wins. He has lost a lot of bets over the years that he was dubbed to have a curse.

He backed Masvidal to beat Colby Covington in their grudge fight last March but lost $275,000 on the fight. He also lost $400,000 just months later when he bet that Justin Gaethje beat Charles Oliveira in their lightweight title clash.


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