NLRC Sets the Record Straight on Operators to be Affected by FIRS Advertised Taxation

The NLRC in a released Press Statement signed by the Director General; Mr. Lanre Gbajabiamila, made certain clarifications on the misconception surrounding, the media publication by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS) on the direct collection of taxes from online gaming operators in the country.

The statement released by FIRS, was not welcomed by the registered gaming operators in the industry and thus they reached out to NLRC; the body with the legal mandate to regulate the operations of the gaming industry in the country, for clarifications.

The NLRC in response, has released a Press Statement, explaining that it is only the remote gaming operators, operating outside the jurisdiction of Nigeria that will be affected by the provisions in the FIRS publication.

According to Mr. Gbajabiamila in the NLRC press statement, the press release captioned “FIRS commences direct collection of taxes from online gaming operators.” have created uncertainty, panic, and confusion in the gaming industry in Nigeria as to the justification of this new tax regime.

The NLRC therefore, deemed it necessary to clarify, that duly licensed and tax compliant online gaming operators in Nigeria, are not subject to the tax referred to in the FIRS publication and that the publication only applies to remote gaming operators operating strictly outside the Nigerian jurisdiction.


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