Woman Abandons 4-year-old Child as Collateral in a Gambling Shop in Enugu State Nigeria

It was reported that a woman, after incurring heavy losses at a gambling shop in Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu, abandoned her 4-year-old son, as collateral.

Residents of the area said the woman left her son in the Lotto shop, after she incurred huge losses, she was not able to pay off. After waiting endlessly for the mother of the little boy to show up, the boy was taken to Ogui police station in Enugu city by some concerned people.

According to report, a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, narrated how the little boy was brought to the station by some individuals, who stated that the mother of the boy, left him as collateral after gambling.

The officer stated further that the child, who looks less than 4 year old, has been crying and calling for his mother, since he was brought to the station.

He added that they have been unable to gather any meaningful information from the little child, as he could barely talk, however they hope to launch full investigation soon, following the lead provided by the good people, who brought the boy to the station.


Source: Sahara Reports

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