UK Gambling Commission Goes After Illegal Lotteries on Facebook


The UK Gambling Commission has shut down illegal lotteries being hosted on the facebook social media platform. According to the Commission, the individuals behind the illegal lotteries were offering variety of cash prizes, children’s toys and clothing to participants. The individuals identified as the ones promoting the illegal activity, were removed from associated Facebook groups, after being issued with cease and desist letters by the Commission.

Helen Venn, the executive director of the Commission stated that Illegal lotteries, including those taking place through social media channels, will continue to be a focus for the Commission’s enforcement work this year, and that the Commission will link up closely with platforms like Facebook, to pinpoint not only the activity, but those behind it and those who are breaching gambling rules and social media standards.

She stated further, that Working alongside their colleagues at Facebook and the police, the Commission was pleased that key individuals behind the scheme, have been identified and that this type of activity, which only increases the risk of gambling harm, has been disrupted.

The coordinator at the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit; David Gill, also stated that more often than not, the winners of these illegal lotteries are the ones actually running it and that they will continue to support the Gambling Commission in targeting and disrupting people profiting from such illegal schemes and gambling platforms.

Ms Helen Venn, who also leads the Commission’s licensing, compliance and enforcement teams, further stated that many of these lotteries illegally operated, fail to give any funds to good causes, and consumers taking part do not benefit from legal protection.

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