You play, you win; what happens next?

You play, you win; what happens next?

Winning is Power! It’s like an aphrodisiac. It is not really what was won most times that is exhilarating, it’s the winning itself, you look at your hand and it’s a winning ticket, the winning numbers! That feeling right there; is what makes lottery fun and entertaining.

Good and bad decisions can be made in an instant, especially when the winning is big.

There is no manufactured way to act after you must have cashed out big time, and not one particular kind of advice on what to do afterwards, everything boils down to common sense; however here is a few pointers that is not really rocket science.

1. Maintain A Low Profile- Once you find that you have the winning ticket or that your bets matched or that you have hit it on some sensational promo, the first thing to do is have a clear head and decide on a productive way to spend your winnings.

2. Keep Busy: Don’t just give up on your daily grind or hustle just because you won some money. Keep busy, that way you won’t be tempted to blow your winnings on irrelevant things

3. Put Some Money Aside: No matter what you do, make sure you put some money aside no matter how small, don’t rush to spend your winnings on extravagant things or on things you don’t need. I can imagine the urge to get things that you have dreamed of owning, but there is no need to rush to buy a car you don’t need, just so that you can call yourself a car owner.

4. Invest: Find out the best investment options out there, so that your money no matter how small can make more money for you.

5. Don’t be used as a reference point for winners who won and lost it all.


Note: Lottery is Fun, Play Responsibly and Don’t Play if You Can’t Afford to Win.


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