Drake bets almost $1million on the Super Bowl

Drake bets almost $1million on the Super Bowl


The Game

Drake is said to have done it again by placing bets of almost $1 million on Super Bowl LVII.

The famous Canadian rapper is known to place big bets on the most popular sporting events in the world. He has placed bets on the UFC and even the world cup.

This time around, Drake in his bets, favours the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII is reported to be on its way to becoming the most bet on Super Bowl in history, and Drake, infamous for being a notorious sports gambler, has picked his winner for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the game’s MVP as well.

The Bet

Drake is betting almost $1 million on a couple of prop bets for this Super Bowl Sunday, with the biggest possible pay day being for $3.57 million in case all of them hit.

The rapper placed seven bets, with the biggest one being on the game winner.

The Choice

Drake in his bets, chose the Kansas City Chiefs to win it all.

His $700,000 bet on the Chiefs would pay him $1,477,000.

Among his other bets placed we can see that he chose Patrick Mahomes to score the first touchdown of the game for Kansas City, with tight end Travis Kelce being named the Super Bowl MVP.

On top of that, Drake expects that the Chiefs are up on the scoreboard at the end of every quarter of the game.

We wish him luck!!

Source: https://www.marca.com/


Drake Can Obviously Afford to Lose! Can You? Think before you Bet!!

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