Indian Government Detaches Esports from Online Gaming

Indian Government Detaches Esports from Online Gaming

Under the government of India’s new ruling, esports will be re-classified as a professional sports category, detaching it from the online gaming category.

Ruling that competitive gaming is a multi-sports event’, the move has come as good news to Indian esports stakeholders, who have long objected to the umbrella category of online gaming.

Following its recognition as a pro-sports category, the policy development and integrity of esports will now be overseen by India’s Department of Sports, which will be reporting to the country’s Ministry of Youth Affairs.

These new changes to esports’ new classification in the country, were approved by the President of India, Droupadi Murmu, who signed the amendments into sports law.

These changes to recognize esports as a separate entity from the broader category of online gaming like fantasy, rummy and casinos’, were also agreed to, by notable figures in government.

The Esports Federation of India (EFI) welcomed the approval, as a monumental decision for the future of esports in India, which has secured a new platform to grow its professional presence and ambitions.

According to their representative, Director Lokesh Suji, EFI welcomes the announcement by the government and believes that it will open new avenues, to bring in more investment opportunities, in the booming industry.

He stated that they have been constantly working on establishing the difference between esports and igaming, and that finally, all their efforts have been fulfilled.

He stated further that it will only be a short time before esports will be placed in the same league as cricket, football, basketball, etc. and having similar fan power, scale and craze.

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