16-Year-Old Boy Asks for Refund After Losing Everything on Betting

16-Year-Old Boy Asks for Refund After Losing Everything on Betting

A 16-year-old Nigerian boy who played bet with money meant for his school fees writes to betting company, asking for a refund.

The boy was said to have used the sum of N30,000 to wager in sports betting but lost everything. He regretted his actions and is now pleading with the gaming operators to refund his money.

He sent a message to the betting company, pleading with them to refund him the N30,000 he used in betting as it was meant for his school fees.

In a video posted on TikTok by Benjamin Justice39, the boy was seen typing a text message to the betting company, Sportybet. The boy pleaded that the money should be refunded to enable him to pay his school fees.

Sportybet, in their response to the boy’s message as shown online, informed him that “it is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to open an account and use our services” The money once lost cannot be refunded. Thanks!

After receiving Sportybet’s response, Benjamin continued to plead with them, expressing deep regret for his actions. He wrote, “Please Sporty man, abeg. Oh my God! I’m 16. Please forgive me. It’s 30k.”

Their exchange online has caught the attention of the public who has been reacting to the incident.

The question however is what the gaming companies are doing to ensure that underage gamblers do not open an account with them and use their services, what are the checks in place and what is the relevant authorities doing to sensitize these young ones on the risky nature of underage gambling!

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