SEC to Support only Investments in Digital Assets Not Crypto

SEC to only support Investments in sensible digital assets and not Cryptocurrencies

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) states that cryptocurrencies do not factor into its push for digital assets trading. According to the regulator, it will only support investment in sensible digital assets.

It was reported by Bloomberg, that the Commission will not cover cryptocurrencies in its upcoming regulatory framework.  It was reported that the impending framework is geared towards improving the trading of digital assets and protecting investors in the country.

According to Lamido Yuguda, the DG of the Commission while addressing the media in Lagos; the regulator is steering clear of crypto exchanges, as it does not have access to the required banking platforms needed to drive the trade, in the country.

He added that the Commission is concentrating on digital assets that really protect investors, as they are in the business of protecting investors and not in the business of speculating.

This caution might be due to the fact that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in early 2021, banned financial institutions in the country from offering services to digital asset businesses, and warned the investing public against crypto and crowdfunding platforms.

The DG however, said that the Commission may support crypto in the future, as digital market develops in the country and standards are agreed upon.

Nigeria is still one quoted as the most important market for digital currencies in the African market, responsible for most transactions outside of the United States.

Nigeria was ranked 11th in the world this year for adoption by Chainalysis, ahead of the United Kingdom

The SEC published its digital asset guidance in May 2022.



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