National Lottery Commission Launches New Platform/Game

National Lottery Commission Launches New Platform/Game

There is always a new update on the Nigerian gaming scene, and this time it’s the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and its new platform, National Lottery of Nigeria (NLN) launching its flagship game.

NLN unveiled a new platform, which, according to them, would boost its overview services and transform the industry for revenue generation.

The Director General of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), Lanre Gbajabiamila, speaking on the platform and the game, said that it is a new operational game that would impact the lives of Nigerians. He gave the assurance that it would be a fair, and transparent operation that will create a safe gaming environment, for players in the country.


In his remarks, the Managing Director, of National Lottery Nigeria, the MD of the established NLN, Mr. Layi Onafowokan, said that millions of gamers in the country, will start winning incredible life-changing prizes, when the platform becomes fully operational.

Aside from lifting Nigerians from the morass of poverty, with its range of exciting games, playable with as little as N100, the lottery platform will also help combat unemployment.

Onafowokan stated that the NLN platform/game which was established by the Federal Government and operated by Systems and Gaming Ltd, will have something for everyone, especially exciting games, which will include Naija Mega Jackpot, 6/49, Pick 3, Instant win scratch cards and more.

The flagship game is easy to play through the USSD code “*9966# and on the website “

Live draws for the lottery games are billed to start airing on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), from the 4th of March 2023. The Naija Mega Jackpot live draw will show every Saturday and Wednesday night, while the 6/49 live draw will show on NTA and all NLN social media platforms, every Tuesday and Friday night.

Aside from revenue for the government, the NLN will also create jobs, and encourage entrepreneurship, through various initiatives. A percentage of the proceeds from game ticket sales, will also be allocated to various charitable causes, helping to make a positive difference, in the lives of Nigerians.

The NLN has an Integrity Committee, comprising of representatives from NLRC and other partners, in order to ensure that the game is conducted fairly and responsibly.

We will keep you updated, as the platform go into full operation across the country.  Any other initiative planned for the betterment and enrichment of Nigerian consumers, by the Commission and its platform, will also be communicated.


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