Belgian National Lottery Stops all Sports betting Ads During 2022 World Cup

In consultation with Belgian minister of finance, Vincent van Peteghem; the Belgian National Lottery has put a halt to all forms of sportsbetting ads on television, radio and in the written press for the duration of the World Cup 2022 tournament, which kicked off on 20 November and runs until 18 December.

As the minister responsible for the Lottery, Van Peteghem said consumers are more likely to place a bet during a national football team competition such as World Cup, he referenced a study by the Commission into the 2018 World Cup, during which half of new registrations were first-time gamblers.

Peteghem added that the decision to put a hold on the ads, was made as advertising would likely draw more new players to gambling, also as an effort to reduce the risk of gambling-related harm such as addiction.

According to Peteghem, the National Lottery is playing a pioneering role in the protection of players and the fight against gambling addiction, he added that at a football world championship, the sport and the supporters’ experience must be central.

He stated further that, Sports betting advertising should have no place in broadcasts or reports via television, radio and written press, and that the National Lottery is already setting a good example, by not advertising its sports betting on the aforementioned channels.

The decision to halt sportsbetting ads, came not long after the country’s introduction of €200 weekly loss limit as part of its responsible gambling measure.


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