Jim McIngale Known as Mattress Mack Wins $75 Million in Sports bet

Jim McIngale ‘Mattress Mack’ wins $75 Million in Sports bet

Jim  McIngale also known as ‘Mattress Mach’, a businessman wo owns a furniture gallery that sells mattresses in Houston, recently placed a bet on Houston Astro, to win the World Series, at BetMGM in Las Vegas and won a whopping $75 million.

It was reported that the cash McIngale won, was so heavy that he had to use wheelbarrow to carry it to his private jet.

The businessman who is already financially comfortable, from his profitable mattress business before winning the bet, is said to have placed a total of $10 million in bets, at various sports bookmakers for the Houston Astros, to win the World Series.

The Houston Astros won against the Philadelphia Phillies last weekend; and at 7.5-to-1 odds, McIngale won approximately 7.5 times his initial stake (s) netting him an astonishing 75 million US dollars.

McIngale is said to be a known sports bettor; he won an estimated $15m for betting on Kansas to win the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament in April.

Well, turned out to be a good bet for him again on this one.


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