New safer gambling messaging to be enforced


The Australia government in collaboration with the state and territory governments, has announced new compulsory messages, which must appear in gambling advertising.

This new messaging, together with other updates on customer verification and staff training, is required to be nationally consistent, in regard to the risks and potential harm associated with online gambling

Operators are mandated to choose between one of these taglines, created to draw attention to the prevention of problem gambling.


(i)Chances are, you’re about to lose; Think! (ii) Is this a bet you really want to place?

(iii)  What’s gambling really costing you? (iv) What are you prepared to lose today?

(v)  Set a deposit limit; imagine what you could be buying instead.

(vi) You win some, You lose more!  (vii) What are you really gambling with?


When Taglines can be used:

The type of media used in the advertising, determines which of the taglines that can be used. TV, video and radio have There are five taglines available for use in TV, radio and video ads; while In-app, digital, print, social media and website advertising, have six taglines.

All taglines are available for direct marketing, sponsorship, promotional, outdoor advertising and stadium advertising. However, the tagline “you win some, you lose more” can only be used in a spoken ad.

The tagline must also be followed by: “For free and confidential support call 1 800 858 858 or visit”.


The new messaging must be put in place by 30 March 2023. A consultation on the new measures was held between 29 August and 30 October 2022. This week (31 October) marked the formal notification period, by when operators were asked to implement the messaging.

A transition period will run between 31 October and 30 March 2023.


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