Nigeria’s NLRC Moves Against Fake Sports Betting Permits

According to the spokes-person for NLRC, Magnus Ekechukwu; Companies operating with forged sports betting permits have become an increasing problem in the country.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) has now decided to use all its available resources to find and punish these illegal companies operating within the Nigerian gambling industry. The Commission intend to explore every legal option to stop these criminal elements.

Director-General of the NLRC, Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila issued the warning via a statement from Mr. Ekechukwu.  In his statement, Mr Ekechukwu announced that the NLRC had just discovered forged betting permits that originated from criminals operating within the Lagos State and that this discovery of has led to the arrest of the criminals behind the falsified documentation.

The Director-General hopes these arrests will serve as a warning to others committing the same offences, or are planning to do so. According to Mr. Gbajabiamila via the statement, it was shocking that the criminals expected to defraud the federal government and not get caught. He warned other criminals to steer clear of the lottery industry, as there would be no hesitation in arresting and prosecuting them.

The NLRC has a reputation for integrity, transparency and accountability, which is the symbol of the gaming business in Nigeria and thus will not condone any illegal activity of criminals to jeopardize that. Any operator caught violating the rules of the Commission will face serious consequences.

The Director-General has then called on the staff of the NLRC nationwide, all licensed Nigerian operators and the general public to be more vigilant and to work together in order to assist the Commission build a strong gaming industry.


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