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Gibraltar Government Proposes a New Gambling Act

Gibraltar has published a draft of its new proposed Gambling Act, that contains a five point regulatory objectives which includes; preservation of confidence in their gambling markets, protection of consumers; particularly vulnerable people, promoting “fair and responsible” gambling, preventing links between gambling and crime and the public interest and reputation of Gibraltar.

The proposed rules also made changes to licensing, by introducing a requirement that all licensees should have a “sufficient substantive presence” in the country.

The new bill also outlined some “threshold conditions” that all operators must meet, in order to be licensed; like how they conduct their business, the suitability of their owners, responsible gambling, prevention of crime and the location of their offices.

A stakeholder consultation on the bill is now open, for public hearing and interaction. The exercise will last until 31 August, after which the bill will be introduced to parliament.

According to the gaming division of the Gibraltar Ministry of Finance “The Gambling Division will also be holding workshops and consulting with the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association.

In Gibraltar, licensing and regulatory bodies are separate; with the Minister for Finance acting as the licensing authority.


Slovakian regulator launches action plan to limit ads

In the first step in the creation of an industry code aimed at limiting gambling ads in the country; the Slovakia’s office for the Regulation of Gambling has launched its Action Plan for Responsible Marketing.

The Office noted that the public is currently exposed to gambling ads across a wide range of channels; such as television, radio, sponsorship and outdoor ads. In addition, it said, ads for unregulated gambling products may reach children or those suffering from gambling-related harm.

According to David Lenčéš; the Director General of the Slovakia’s office, the office is launching the Action Plan because it was important to establish clear standards and responsible contents, in order to ensure responsible advertising in the country.

The plan will take the form of a discussion between stakeholders, with the intent of creating an industry code of responsible advertising. To create the code, the amount of advertising, the content of the ads and where it is targeted, will all be looked at.

The SO is taking this regulatory action to preserve the ethics of advertisement, particularly as it relates to vulnerable groups and children and to combat and protect customers from the risk of problem gambling and subsequent harmful effects like financial losses and to promote the possibilities of assistance in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of non-substance addiction like gambling; because self-regulation, even though an effective mechanism, might not be enough.

The Office noted that, it would be in the country’s interest, that gambling is a safe source of entertainment and a legally predictable environment, for both operators and consumers.



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