6/49 Lotto Game

6/49 Lotto Game

The lotto game 6/49, known as the UK lotto game was poised to become the Nigerian national game. The provisions in the National Lottery Act 2005, was written with the game in mind, which is why till date, the issue of remittances to government as stated and calculated in the Act continues to be a controversial topic for lottery operators, because the mechanics of the game on ground (5/90) contradicts with the dynamics of the game envisioned on paper.


The Nigeria Centenary Organisers tried to revive the 6/49 game as a quasi-national game via SMS, through a lottery operator; Secure Electronic Technology Plc, in 2014 but that failed to take off as intended. However, lottery companies like Western Lotto and a few others offer players the chance to play the game but it has failed to garner the type of popularity it was programmed to get.


The 6/49 game is a lotto game, whereby a player selects 6 numbers from a field of balls numbered 1-49. After picking the numbers, a player receives his ticket with the selected numbers on it, which is what the player will use, to redeem his prize if he wins. Note, there is no particular way or strategy for choosing these numbers, you simply select your numbers based on your intuition. (You can pick numbers that mean something to you or just random numbers).


When this process is concluded, the player then waits for the draw to take place, which is usually done 2 times weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays). The minimum number of matches a player needs from a draw to win a prize is 2 numbers. What it means is that a player that matches 2,3,4 or 5 numbers in a draw is entitled to a prize.

However, to win the jackpot the player must match all 6 numbers drawn. In Nigeria, bonus ball is not yet applicable.


The odd of winning the jackpot is often placed at 13/14 million, which means that the possible combination that can be drawn for a game, are within that range. As stated earlier, there is no strategy or magic to predict winning numbers, however one might use basic common sense or some intelligent calculations to try and better their chances of winning.

All in all, it boils down to luck.



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