Ukraine Regulator Closes another 1xBet Related Site

Ukraine Regulator Closes another 1xBet Related Site, making it the fifth one.

The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL), which is Ukraine’s gambling regulatory body, has closed a fifth 1xBet-branded site operating in the country.

Krail was reported to have closed the site after it was informed that the site was organising gambling under the 1xBet brand. The regulator was said to have sent a request to the company running the site to stop and desist from the illegal activity, prior to the closure but the company only responded by restricting access to the site, from traffic coming from Ukrainian IP addresses.

1xBet has been illegal in Ukraine since 7 September 2022, when KRAIL cancelled the licence of the brand’s parent company TBK LLC. The regulator stated that this was because the Bureau of Economic Security had given information over to KRAIL which revealed inaccurate information in TBK’s documents.

The particular documents in question, is said to be related to the section in which the business was expected to prove that the relevant company, does not act in the interests of residents of foreign states that carry out armed aggression against Ukraine, and/or actions of which create conditions for the emergence of war conflict and the use of military force against Ukraine.

On August 16, 2022, responded to a petition which had gathered over 26,000 signatures, to prohibit 1xBet from operating in Ukraine.

The KRAIL & 1xBet Scandal

KRAIL and 1xBet was embroiled in a controvers controversy in Ukraine after an investigation on 1xBet was published on the 6th of September.

There was also a petition in August that gathered over 26,000 signatures, to prohibit 1xBet from operating in Ukraine, which prompted a response from President Volodomyr Zelensky.

After the petition and the publication that accused the Russian bookmaker of nefarious intentions and activities in the country, KRAIL cancelled the license granted to the bookmaker.

According to Olena Vodolashko, the acting head of KRAIL, in an interview with Ukrinform news agency, the regulatory body’s goal was not to be silent but to be effective, and thus after thorough investigations, in collaboration with various other security agencies in the country, the body made the decision to immediately cancel the licence of the bookmaker.

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