This guideline shall apply to all schemes with the elements of chance, offered to the general public using mobile/telecommunication channels. For the purpose of the guideline, mobile/telecommunication channels include SMS, USSD, Mobile Apps, and any other telecoms-enabled channels.

This guideline is applicable to lottery schemes conducted by telecommunication operators, Value Added Services, and other third-party content providers offering lottery-related schemes or schemes with elements of chance in the distribution/allocation of prizes. Lottery-related schemes include skill-based initiatives, predict & win games, core lottery, betting, consumer sales promo, and loyalty-based promotions.

Application for permit must be submitted at least 30 working days, and the permit must be obtained before the mobile lottery scheme will commence.

Mobile lottery schemes shall not exceed 12 months and such schemes may be renewed on conditions stipulated by the lottery commission.

In addition to fulfilling the above stipulated conditions for obtaining the VAS permit, the applicant will submit the following, for the consideration and approval of the NLRC:

  1. Details of telecommunication providers, aggregators and other third parties involved in the scheme
  2. Copies of the partnership agreements; Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Service Agreement with telecommunication providers, financial institutions, aggregators, content provider, and/or third party provider executed for the purpose of the scheme
  3. Applicants must ensure that all agreements/MoUs/SLAs take cognizance of and comply with the provisions of the NLA, 2005 especially as it relates to prize fund and contribution to the National Lottery Trust Fund. Agreements that do not adequately provide for or reflect relevant provisions of the NLA and the National Lottery Regulation will not be accepted or approved.


General Requirements on Proposed Mobile lottery/Gaming Scheme

  1. An application letter stating the intention of the application
  2. Non-refundable application processing fee of N2,000,000 (two million naira) payable to the Commission.
  3. Nature of product/service being promoted where applicable
  4. Detailed modalities of the mobile lottery including the name of the scheme, duration of scheme, value & categories of prizes to be won
  5. Terms & Conditions of eligibility, qualification, and participation in the lottery scheme.
  6. Details of selection/draw process and applicable rules.
  7. Frequency of draws/selection of winners and proposed draw dates.
  8. List & cost of prizes.

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