THE RICH VS THE POOR; Who Really Plays The Lottery More?

THE RICH VS THE POOR; Who Really Plays The Lottery More?

EVERYONE plays the lottery! Winning the lottery is a rescue dream that anyone irrespective of age, gender, or social standards can engage in.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t really want to wake up with more money in their pocket. However, the question here is between those already considered rich and those aspiring to be rich, who plays the lotteries more?


We don’t really need surveys and statistics in Nigeria, to state the obvious. Here, those considered financially disadvantaged tend to play the lottery more, be it betting on the outcome of a sporting event or staking on the outcome of a draw; the longing for riches, and stress free gotten wealth is a driving force.

All you need to do to confirm this, is to take a walk to most corners and markets in areas that are economically under privileged or visit any of the betting shops or where other forms of lotto are operated.

The lottery market is big, because the dream to become rich is bigger. When life gives you lemon, you play in the hope that you will win, and make some juicy lemonade.

Truly the dream is real; the fantasy of winning is the ginger effect for people to continually buy those tickets even with their last cards. The phrase “did you win the lottery” is often used when someone who is seen as having financial problems, is suddenly happy or in a celebratory mood.

Our society revere wealth and status and winning the lottery is somehow seen by the poor as a crime free way to get the economic capital needed, to attain prestige and status.

So the answer to these question often asked, is not really rocket science in this part of the world; playing and winning the lottery here might just be the difference between paying the rent and being homeless, being a car owner, opening a business or simply being able to provide for one’s family and sometimes especially with the advent of opportunities for Nigerians to play international lotteries like Powerball and MegaMillions, winning can mean so much more; so yes, those from the lower economic class, have higher levels of lottery plays than those who don’t have to worry about their income.

NOTE: Lottery is fun, play responsibly and don’t play if you can’t afford to lose!!!

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